TLG 2.0 – Through the looking glass 2.0





TLG 2.0 – Through the looking glass 2.0, a collateral event of the VIII Biennial of Contemporary Art of Shiryaevo, started as a reflection on the ambiguity of the images, on the multipliple realities and on the features of video, and of digital video in particular, in the age of global communication.

Through the works of Bruno Di Lecce, Giuseppina Esposito, Giulia Giannola, Giuseppe Manigrasso, Vito Pace, Mauro Rescigno, Angelo Ricciardi, Roxy-in-the-box, Nello Teodori, Angelo Volpe
TLG 2.0 builds for him/her a story, a journey, a meta-world, the images want to conquer him/her, fascinate, seduce him/her. It can be a Nirvana to believe in, to bask in or to rejected, but also the starting point for critical thinking, for a look back on the “real” world, beyond the images.


TLG 2.0 – Through the looking glass 2.0
Curator Susanna Crispino

Italian, English November 2010
Softcover, 17 x 24 cm
40 pages
ISBN 978883708773

EUR 15


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